How to unlock your spiritual powers to activate your chakras and spiritual senses.

Find yourself in a situation where you think ... I want to level up my life, unlock my chakras, and reach my true potentials. I'm going to work on my spiritual self!


... and then when you start your research you find knowledge that doesn't work for you and does not get you where you want to be with your spiritual self.


In this course, you are going to get the step-by-step information you need to turn your current self into a fully awakened, chakra-activated, and soul-connected self.


And you do it ALL without wasting any time or attending any more courses as this course includes ALL the knowledge that you need from A to Z. :)

I've never seen a course like this. It's impressive how much work, knowledge, and value Anewbiz has included into this course.


(Student for 3 years)


Student of Anewbiz

I was searching for guidance and knowledge and Anewbiz transformed my old self into a powerful spiritual self. I can now see and feel spirits and I've mastered chakra workings and I removed blockages in form of parasitic beings.


Student of Anewbiz

After Getting No Results From 5 Different Occultist For 4 Long Months. Anewbiz has changed my life within a few weeks. He removed all obstacles and negativity so I can live with the love of my life!


Client of Anewbiz

Your Instructor

A New Biz, Founder

As the founder of the " anewbiz" - YouTube channel & "Loyalty And Power" I know what is important to my clients and that's why my clients are always getting only the best knowledge and guidance from me.


I was born into a family full of witches, healers, mediums, lightworkers, and darkworkers. My life was full of difficult and horrible lessons, but I grew from that, and after 8 years of daily practice with higher vibrating beings, I perfectly understand what works and what doesn't.


I care about my clients, and that's why I'm always over-delivering and taking the best care of my clients.

Activate Your Chakras And Psychic Senses Within Weeks!

9 Phases To Your Spiritual Transformation.

Your Soul's Preparation

Get Everything Your Soul Needs For Your Perfect Start Into Your Spiritual Transformation.

(3 Step Soul Preparation Program)

Your Spiritual Foundation

Everything Your Need To Set Your Spiritual Foundation That Starts Activating Your Soul

(9 Step Spiritual Foundation Program)

100% Guided Meditation

6 Guided Meditations That Will Unleash The Powers Of Your Soul

(7 Step Guided Meditation Program)

Remove Chakra Blockages

Stop Trying And Start Succeeding By Removing Your Chakra Blockages

(7 Step Chakra Removal Program)

Master Trance

Master Trance And Learn How To Use It To Dramatically Boost Your Spiritual Results

(5 Step Master Trance Program)

Activate Your Chakras

Set Your Chakras Free And Activate Their Powers With The Most Powerful Activation Keys

(10 Step Chakra Activation Program)

Activate Your Clairvoyance

See The Unseen And Explore The Spiritual World By Mastering Clairvoyance

(6 Step Master Clairvoyance Program)

Activate Your Clairaudience

Safely Communicate With Your Spirit Guides And Your Favorit Spirits Without Getting Into Danger

(4 Step Master Clairaudience Program)

Chakra Empowerment

Get On To The Next Level With The Most Powerful Chakra Empowerment

(5 Step Chakra Empowerment Program)

Clear Guidance

Never Act Without An Exact Plan And Path Again And Know Your Next Steps

(4 Step Clear Guidance Program)

Is this Course Right for You?


  • If You Want To Activate Your Chakras And Psychic Senses

  • If You Ready For A Fantastic Spiritual Transformation And Awakening

  • If You Are Ready To Stop Wasting Money And Time And Start Working On Real Results

  • If You Can Follow Step-By-Step Instructions


  • If You Don't Want To Invest Money And Time For Your Spiritual Transformation And Awakening

  • If You Believe You Cannot Manifest Results And Changes

  • If You Believe It's Dangerous Even When I'm Teaching You How To Stay Safe

  • If You Hate Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Videos


I Want You To Be Successful And Experience Your Spiritual Transformation. If You Want Your Money Back For ANY REASON, Then Of Course I Will Give Your Money Back. You Can Make Use Of The 14 Day Money Back Guarantee Within 14 Days From The Moment Of Your Purchase.


Spirituality Ascension Is For YOU. It's All About You, Not Me! If You Want To Leave For Any Reason Within 14 Days, Then I'm Sorry To See You Go But I Will Give Your Money Back.

Bonus Section. Time to Over Deliver!

Spirituality Ascension Does Not Sleep. We Keep Updating Our System And For Our Clients We Also Do Have New Bonuses In Form Of New Books, Entire Courses, Meditations, And A Whole Bunch More. Spirituality Ascension Is Constantly Growing.

Spirituality Hynotherapy Series.

You Can Literally Get Into A Comfortable Position And Listen To The Hypnotherapy Series That Is Beneficial For Your Success, Spiritual Enlightenment, And Mental Well Being.

Art Of Meditation Course.

We Understand You Need Extra Guidance With Your Meditations And That's Why We Have Added An Entire Course About The Art Of Meditation To Even More Boost Your Results.

Self-Confidence Course + Monthly Added Bonuses.

You Will Surely Love This! You Will Get An Entire Course To Boost Your Self-Confidence But It Does Not Stop Here! New Bonuses Are Constantly Added And We Have Already Started Adding More Bonuses But We Can't List All Bonuses As They Are Many.


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Inside Of Spirituality Ascension You Will Find A Special Help Desk To Answer Even More Questions.

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